Advanced Legal Technology: Law Office Management Must-Haves in 2021

By PracticeLeague
March, 2021

The assorted dynamics of technology and in-house resources work in tandem with each other while measuring law firm performance. Over the past couple of years there have been significant developments in the legal tech arena. This we believe, will reshape the law offices in the next decade.

Over the years, we have seen the many ways in which contemporary law firms can utilize technology to improve their law practice and for better law firm marketing. While some law firms would have left no stone unturned to automate processes early on, others have clearly been the late bloomers. In either case, the building blocks are established to streamline legal functions in law firms with technology put to use for law firm marketing and top-class client service. The events occurring from the covid-19 have been the tipping point for the rapid transformation in the working of the law firms.

As a value proposition or retaining talent and for better work processes, technology will pave the way in law firm business plan in the future. The go-to-technology for law firm software is having a law firm practice management suite, which is the highlight this article.

Quintessential Technology Solutions for Law Firms

For any law firm technology solutions to boost productivity and handle all basic tasks, typically the administrative functions, are a must-have in present times. Building databases, drafting documents, creating slides and spreadsheets, and communication tools are vital for modern law firms.

Time and billing software is what comes to the mind at an instant. The tool can handle basic tasks that an office assistant would do in billing and time. With the time-capture method and automated invoice generator options, all billing tasks about the end-user will be customized and reconcile accounts on a real-time basis.

While most law firms still reconstruct time logs at regular intervals, time tracking with law firm accounting software can lead to automated and efficient billing and accounting software.

The advantages are many:

Time/activity recording for time billing and billable out-of-the-pocket expenses

Calendaring facility that allows reminders and tracking of activity

Intuitive dashboards for an overview of the recent activities and upcoming events

Expense recording relating to travel, calls, and other overheads

Legal Document Management is another resourceful tool that enables law firms to store, retrieve, access documents from the cloud. What is called a secure repository allows users to store securely and access safely from a one-click repository

Tools for Competence Building and Resource Utilization for Law Firms

As a post-COVID-19 scenario, change management has been on top of law firms' agenda in general. Better utilization of existing tools, more user-friendly communication platforms embedded with email software that enables clients to reach out to their attorneys led to the implementation of competence-building tools. Law firms found great value in using security software to keep personal information intact, streamline managerial tasks, and technology for efficient collaboration. The focus for the moment is clearly on wholesome, integrated, end-to-end legal practice management.

Advanced Legal Technology Tools in 2021, and Beyond

Armed with NLP (natural language processing), the chatbots and robolawyers are likely to take over a considerable amount of the lawyer's work. The application is handy as project management software in personal injury case management software, divorce disputes, and bankruptcy. Chatbots are programmed to analyze and understand the loopholes that can determine the best path forward for lawyers and court trials. Likewise, virtual assistance and robolawyers are the trends that is fast picking up in the west, where advanced legal tools can analyze and address specific legal issues in a particular case in hand.

Robolawyers, chatbots, virtual lawyers can enable significant transformation in legal functions. Keeping up with the law firm structure and trends, these tools can predict legal outcomes, automate proceedings, and transform the legal sector. In many ways, they can augment what humans can and free them up by taking over those traditionally handled functions manually.

In conclusion,

For the present, a comprehensive practice management suite with proven efficiency of time and billing software is the need of the hour for law firms of all sizes. Document management, case management ensure a law office runs more smoothly and handle the monotonous, time-consuming tasks are effortless with minimal human interaction or involvement of manual processes. The future, however, will be led by software applications and solutions with larger integration of cloud, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. In a diaspora of this human-led practice that is ever-changing, the interplay of technology will transform, disrupt, revolutionize, and even remake the legal industry

RazorLex offers a host of technology solutions for law firms for efficient collaboration and smoother workflow processes. Whether it is about maintaining counsel-client relations, tracking litigation-related matters, or control over transactional matters and documents, an efficient solution is now at the fingertips for a lawyer.

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