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Criteria For Picking A Time and Billing Software For Your Firm

by PracticeLeague

Time and billing software are a necessity for all lawyers as they make the task of keeping track of billable activities and receivables much easier. They provide a systematic and error free process that makes billing less prone to errors and more transparent.

Here are 3 vital things to consider when picking a billing and accounting software.

Time recording

Since lawyers are usually paid on an hourly basis and that is the means of calculating the amount of time they have worked, it becomes difficult to differentiate between time spent on menial tasks and the actual amount of time spent on billable activities.

A Law Practice Management software usually comes with a time tracking feature that helps you calculate the exact time spent on each matter. It can usually be integrated with other programs and platforms the lawyers use for efficiency.

Customized billing options

Many law firms even charge using other methods that don’t depend on hours spent on a matter, such as flat fee, retainer or based on each activity or milestone. For this, the billing and accounting software you choose needs to have flexibility to choose different billing arrangements for each matter.

Tracking receivables

Knowing which invoices are pending is very critical for a firm’s balance sheet and growth. A system that keeps track of these invoices allows you manage your collections accurately and effectively.

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