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Do I Need A Legal Document Management System?

by PracticeLeague

The problem with document management is that it makes the time required for lawyers to organize, move, search and share documents much longer and more labor intensive than it needs to be. The trick to solving this is to automate parts of your work process that take up too much manual time.

Document Management Systems can help in managing files and offer advanced indexing and search features. It also automates the path through which files and documents are shared among the organization, as well as offers stringent security measures to restrict viewing, downloading and sharing of documents.

So, when do you need a legal Document Management System?

When there are too many clients

If a law firm only has a hand full of clients then it isn’t too tough to manage their documents, but as the number of clients grows, keeping track of multiple files, contracts and documents becomes difficult. Not only can it get confusing, but can also lead to missed deadlines and in the long run, it may also lead to loss of clients.

When there are too many lawyers

Since without a Document Management System there isn’t a centralized location for all the information to be put in, the various lawyers in the firm may miss out on certain important facts due to miscommunication. There is also no uniformity of data, and the access to it is very limited. Moreover, sharing and collaborating becomes a challenge. With a Document Management System, you can easily view documents globally based on the assigned access rights.

When there is too much manual work involved

Manual filing and management of documents takes away hours of precious time from lawyers, as legal work is a very document intensive business. It can also be more error prone than automated management, leading to incorrect data and documentation. Storing documents locally on laptops, desktops, etc. is more dangerous as there are many security and data loss risks involved.

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