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End to End Legal Practice Management Software for Better Work-flow Processes

By PracticeLeague
December, 2020

When it comes to managing day-to-day functions in a law firm, there is probably no one-stop solution as yet, such as a best law practice management software. A singular law office management software that most operational and administrative functions can be streamlined.

Keeping up with the modern law firm practice and increasingly demanding clients, while also staying on adept and agile is not easy. This is the relevance and application of law practice management software, the tool that helps lawyers to streamline law firm functions and meet the needs of clients’ all in all manage a profitable law firm efficiently, 24/7. While the platform has been around for almost a decade now, the relevance of cloud computing and the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning has augmented the streamlining processes and hastened the application for modern law firm functions.

In what follows, the article aims to focus and highlight these very aspects centering around legal management software, which clearly has been a game-changer for the present times. Its application and relevance in the digital era have fostered better collaboration, co-operation among teams and integration of workflow processes. The platform offers convenience of access to all relevant information on the mobile through apps, and allows for APIs, among other things.

Integration of Law Practice Management Software- Tools and Procedures

As an integrated tool for managing workflow at Law firms, the Law Practice Management platform maintains track of every activity that includes (and not restricted to) client onboarding, workflow management, communication, among others. We give a brief overview of the functions by identifying the use of technology for every such work process.

Each of the processes involves teams poring overwork and manual processes, involving resources, people, and deployment of finance. Clearly, there is a revenue loss and burden on resources. Experts estimate an aggregate 20% to 30% revenue loss, leading to lower profitability and extra billable hours.

Client Onboarding Processes:

Signing up a new client is one thing, but ensuring client satisfaction is another. Constant follow-up, streamlining information on a per-client basis, and ensuring that the client onboarding is a seamless exercise is a Law Practice Management software task. To this end, the platform provides a built-in organizational system for the onboarding process and to secure co-ordination with co-counsel, clients and others.

Management of Documents and Files:

Access and retrieve documents and files, and provide users the necessary information at the click of a button. Whether it is about viewing necessary documents, ensuring safe storage or easy retrieval, the Law practice management ensures streamlined action when it comes to law firm management. The law firm practice management software ensures better visibility and action to storage of files to its users.

Defining Task Management:

Establishing task management with software involves calendaring, assignment and establishing workflows with fixed templates. When it comes to assignment and managing tasks and the to-do list, the LPM offers useful tools to establish the task, with its AI/ML capabilities. As mentioned before, since the tasks can be captured and tracked by even a hand-held device, there is better sense made out of the billable hours of work.

Sending Mails, and Maintaining Track of Communication:

Communication with external counsels, alternative legal service providers, between the management and teams is a part of the modern law firm management. Communication is crucial here. The Law firm management suite bridges the communication gap between clients and law firms.

Use of CRM tool:

Engaging in client relationship on a one-to-one basis, getting regular updates of the contacts, matter-related details and a dashboard overview of the of all the professional workings in the organization gives an overview of the CRM tool for Law firm Management. With its built-in features for seamless law-firm and client relationships, RazorLex is bound to be a key differentiator of sorts in the working of law firms.

In sum, having a Law Firm Management brings along a host of solutions for the existing operational functions that include solutions for:

1. Time and Billing: Manage time and ensure prompt billing in a manner that is effective for you and offers prompt billing for clients as well. By automating time-consuming tasks, the platform ensures that time and billing are well managed

2. Finance Management: By efficiently managing finances, the platform ensures that accounting management is prompt and streamlined. What’s more? It ensures that the payment follow up is prompt and finance management is streamlined.

3. Legal Project Management: End-to-end project management with a Legal Project Management platform can ensure streamlining of processes and seamless integration of work processes.

4. Document Management: The legal document management platform ensures that the access, storage, retrieval and review of documents and files are at the click of a button.

5. Human Resource Management: Streamlined HR processes from the stage of onboarding through the stage of people management is better done with a Human Resource Management platform.

6. Legal CRM: Prompt communication and follow-up with emails with external counsels and service providers is a must for a modern law firm. While the Legal CRM is just about this, having one as a practice mechanism can ease out most of the processes.

7. Automation of Documents: Documents may be created, stored and accessed on the cloud with this central repository called as document automation platform. It ensures the users better visibility and control over what is stored elsewhere in the cloud.

8. Knowledge Management: Access to information and knowledge is central for any law firm operations. Knowledge management is a part of the Legal Practice Management platform that ensures availability and access to information when necessary.

Choosing the Best Practice Management Software for Your Law Firm- A choice over On-Premise Software

With the law firm management platform aimed at streamlining administrative tasks with technology, most of the operational tasks can be completed efficiently without missing any milestones. Choosing the right law practice management software, can be a daunting task, especially in a scenario where there are so many choices available. While the Law firm management software provides for a comprehensive and unified solution to manage the day-to-day tasks in a law firm, some quintessential aspects have to be looked into before arriving at the right decision. We recommend understanding the platform with clarity before deciding on the way ahead. Some of the probable questions that may occur in the use of LPM include:

Cloud Vs On-Premise Software

The rampant use of cloud technology popularly known as software as a service (SaaS) allows its users to access and retrieve information from just about anywhere and also has a host of advantages over the subscription model. Users can browse through the files and access information from even a remote location with modern internet technology or browsers.
The end-users can log into the software through a web browser through any handheld device or computer regardless of where they are working. Cloud works well against any other on-premise solution or traditional software model, where law firms had to typically invest in the software, renew licenses year on year, and install the software from a disc via download.

The Must-Have Collaborations and Integrations

When it comes to better project and task management, the platform should offer active collaboration and capacity integration solutions. While the on-premise solutions are limited in terms of compatibility, the Law firm management software offers cross-platform compatibility for staff and people working out of office as well. Whether it is Windows-based operating system, or other operating systems, such as iOS, Windows or Android devices, RazorLex is a tool that is compatible and can be integrated across varied functions and platforms

Due Diligence and Buying the Platform That Works

A legal CRM typically has to automate day-to-day client management tasks for legal professionals such as follow-up communications, scheduling, data entry, document generation and such other tasks. What follows is the discussion with the legal technology provider and weighs upon the differentiators the company offers.

Cost and Other Operational Aspects

While the costing differs between the on-premise and cloud-based Legal Practice Management software, it is wise to take it annually. The subscription model offered by legal technology companies works well for law firms in terms of better ROI and realizations on investments.

Why and When you Need Law Practice Management Software

1. Complete Automation of Tasks in Hand:

Typically, modern law firms work on a collaborative mode, especially when working on large projects. Access to database from outside to office, a VPN (virtual private network), have to be set up and maintained, thus facilitated. While many lawyers often choose to work from remote workplaces, or a hybrid work place going forward, the access of information is easy and streamlined, due to complete automation of work and tasks.

2. A Collaborative Tool Fostering Better Work Atmosphere

The ABA 2016 technology report is a benchmark on its own suggesting that lawyers often work in a collaborative work space. 38% reportedly work while travelling, 28% at client offices and 77% often work from home as well. Typically, the following are the areas where law intersects with technology:

Legal Research, Knowledge management & Evidence

Email and communications


Management of workflow processes

3. Safe and Secure Cloud-Based Platform

When it comes to storage of information, cloud-based practice management software offers a host of benefits like no other. Whether to keep track of the workflow management, or remaining agile and informed, the Law firm management seems promising. Likewise, it also offers a secure platform that confirms with the security requirements as against malicious hacking or virus attacks, or even in case of fire or any disaster. With better protection, the platform offers better security with no danger of any crucial information being lost or damaged.

4. Integration and Workflow Management

This aspect pretty much sums up for all what Law firm management is all about. Whether for word processing, email clients, electronic calendaring, document management, client onboarding, knowledge management or a host of other solutions for office workflows, a robust software tool such as the Law firm management platform ensures transfer and management of information that is safe, secure and efficient.
Migration of data is one of the key aspects of the platform, wherein integration and migration of workflow processes is easy and the cost of onboarding the new members is relatively easy. With experts having to work on the software, smooth transition from the physical to the tech platform can well be assured. The Law Firm management software is most overlooked for its features in terms of interface and usability is concerned.
RazorLex Legal Practice Management software offers subscription model for law firms that offers cloud-based solutions as compared to on-premise solution. As a cost-effective model sold typically through subscription-based model, the platform is hosted through a secure, web browser that comply with the strict internet protocols. As an incentive to choosing the cloud premises, companies can often benefit for every investment paid for the software and recover costs quickly.

How Can RazorLex be Integrated with the Offerings of the Modern Law Firm

Reconciliation of case information and integration with other functions including calendar document, contact lists, scheduled date and document management systems.

Management of law firms on a daily basis and integration of information on the cloud from elsewhere in the system.

Ensuring prompt payments and generating invoices for payment collection.

Management of billing and invoices and collecting payments as and when due.

Access to information that gives the end-users better visibility, control and access.

“PracticeLeague offers a unified and an integrated modern legal technology ecosystem that automates and streamlines the complete legal operations. Adopted by several legal departments across the globe, this secure Enterprise Legal Management is designed to enable seamless collaboration across business entities, stakeholders & technology systems to boost efficiency, visibility & control.”

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