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How To Correctly Identify Your Top Performers

by PracticeLeague

Every law firm has some lawyers that perform better than others. It is important to know identify the strengths of your team so that you can allocate the right work to your lawyers for efficient completion of matters.

In a firm, where there is no use of a Practice Management Software or any kind of legal software that helps with the various processes in the firm, it is difficult to make such decisions periodically. But with the help of analytics and other features, firm heads can get all that they need to know about any lawyer’s performance very easily.

Legal platforms created to aid lawyers in their day to day work and tasks, come integrated with various features such as time tracking, task management, and analytics, that make it easy to understand who is performing which task, how much time did a particular lawyer take to complete it, what has been the number of matters and cases closed by a lawyer in a particular quarter and much more.

Time tracker

Track worked, billable and non-billable time of lawyers to ascertain their utilization and overall productivity.

Task management

Have an overview of all the assigned tasks in the firm. See which lawyer handled a particular task, and in the overall lifecycle and progress of the task. Even get notified when a task is completed.


Getting an insight into the analytics and technical aspects of how your firm is running can help gauge which lawyers are the top performers. E.g. tracking available hours against worked hours or billed amount v/s realized amount.

It's important to have such an insight into the workings of your firm for determining your team's performance.

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