How to Maintain the Relationship and Retain Customers for Law Firms

By PracticeLeague
January, 2020

Law firm practice management is an efficient platform to optimize customer touchpoints and modernize your law firm practice while also engaging clients successfully with client loyalty programs that aim to maintain relationships and retain clients from a long-term perspective.

Modern law firm practice involves management of multiple areas of practice involving transactional areas of practice, litigation, alternative dispute redressal, among others. In such a given scenario onboarding of clients is a tedious task, and retention of clients, equally challenging. The legal client satisfaction report is the referral point for any law firm, which suggests that a tool such as a Law firm management is more than relevant in the times where collaboration, research and interpersonal communication is crucial to service clients better and manage the profitability of law firms. In a scenario that we are in today, the law practice management platform aims to bridge the gap between attorney client relationships by ensuring better workflow processes and streamlining business operations. And, above all, contributes to client retaining clients in law firm.

Law Firm Management- Platform to Build Emotional Intelligence

For lawyers on the go, working efficiently means access to documents and case status on any hand-held device, visibility of workflow processes on an app, scheduling, calendaring, among others. Cloud based legal practice allows flexibility on how to track time, build a detailed attitude and build efficiency for modern law firm management.

Client onboarding, retention, and overall client satisfaction:

The streamlined work processes pertaining to client onboarding, retention and servicing of clients leads to higher client satisfaction. From the organization viewpoint, a legal client satisfaction report and surveys provide inputs and guidelines regarding the timeliness, quality of advice, access to lawyers with the help of a guided survey and analysis.

Optimization of task management:

Enhancing user satisfaction and enabling customer touchpoints can optimize task management at every stage and in every function. Calendaring, task management, law firm operations are a part of the Law firm suite that enables streamlining of processes and ensures efficient task management.

Modernizing law practice:

TModern law firm practice comprises multiple areas of practice and across cross-functional areas. Family law, personal injury, tort law, criminal law and practice, bankruptcy laws, are just to name a few areas of practice. To add, some lawyers practice entirely on transactional matters, while the others manage litigation, so on and so forth.

Considering workflow processes in relation to the core practice areas, having a law firm management tool ensures a whole host of benefits where both clients and law firm can benefit, namely:

End-to-end document management

Organizing legal documents securely and protecting all documents, facts, figures, and material that is otherwise shared as a result of the fiduciary relationship between clients and their attorneys.

Efficient billing and cost-management

A good legal billing software such as the time and e-billing software automates time-consuming tasks, ensures timely payments and prompt follow-up of pending bills. Having an accounting system in place, and billing questions answered, the tool aims to simplify reconciliations and billing processes.

Client loyalty program

Using a law firm management provides a host of benefits in terms of contact relationship for any client focused firm. The client loyalty program is one way of rewarding clients for every referral and passing on the benefit for every referral. While clients get an assured reward for this referral, legal tech companies retain their existing clients. In other words, “It's a win-win situation where both benefit” and contribute to building a strong LegalTech community.

RazorLex offers a host of technology solutions for law firms for efficient collaboration and smoother workflow processes. Whether it is about maintaining counsel-client relations, tracking litigation-related matters, or control over transactional matters and documents, an efficient solution is now at the fingertips for a lawyer.

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