law office management software

Law Office Management Software

by PracticeLeague

Practice automation can significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of a law firm. It streamlines and automates all the essential and critical workflows of a law firm, from case handling and keeping track of contacts, calendaring tasks and deadlines, to tracking time and billing.

But first things first. What is a law office or practice automation software? Practice management software is software that is designed specifically for lawyers keeping in mind their workflows based around cases. For lawyers, everything revolves around cases – contacts, communications, documents, dates, appointments and bills. So whilst there are other software that help automate and organize the office, a practice automation software, or case management software, as they are also refrerred to, are uniquely Platformd to a law firm’s needs because they are case centric. A practice automation software automates the complete law office business activity, from “front office” functions from clerks phone calls, e-mail, document generation and management, date setting, appointments, and billable time to “back office” functions such as time, billing, and accounting functions.

Finding the right practice management solution is a decision that must be based on many factors and issues that need consideration. A decision to implement the practice automation software is not merely about purchasing the software or about some features, but it is about leveraging the power of information technology to adopt best practices and methods.

The first decision you need to make when adopting a practice automation software is whether to go in for a web based model or to purchase one that sits on a desktop in the firm. With web based models also known as Cloud based software or Software as a Service (SaaS), you don’t purchase the software but use it as a service through the Internet. This model saves time, reduces costs of ownership and of overheads of infrastructure, staff and maintenance. It offers fool proof security and confidentiality measures to address fears that the firm’s data will be residing on a server not in the physical proximity of the firm.

Now we come to the features that you should look for in a practice management solution. The core functionalities of any practice management solution worth its salt ought to–manage contacts, cases. matters/files, appointments, to-dos, automate calendaring, phone records, be able to save incoming and outgoing e-mails and attachments, carry out timekeeping, basic document assembly and management, and billing.

Some other features and capabilities that a good practice management solution ought to provide include;

  • Integration with billing or accounting software
  • Connectivity with smartphone, iPAD, handheld so that users can access the software ‘on the go’ from anywhere
  • Coordinate with MS Outlook so that you can port your existent contacts, tasks, deadlines and emails
  • Intuitive and simplified user interface, with user friendly features such as drag and drop capabilities
  • Customizable entries for billing clients, including flat fee or alternative billing arrangements; also customizable forms and record types
  • Strong reporting capabilities and analytics that track real time data on business performance
  • Training on use of the software
  • Real Time Support, chats

Uberall's Enterprise Practice Management Solution is an fully integrated, centralised Practice Management tool to complete with Full Integrated Finance and Accounting, Time Keeping, Automated Billing, Knowledge Management, Human Resources, Payroll, Client Relationship Management (CRM), Intellectual Property Management, Compliance, Task Management and realtime reporting with Alerts and Reminders.


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