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Mobile lawyering: being in sync with technology

by PracticeLeague


Mobile Computing is a variety of wireless devices that has the mobility to allow people to connect to the internet, providing wireless transmission to access data and information from where ever location they may be. In simple terms it is "taking a computer and all necessary files and software out into the field”.

Mobile computing can be traced back to its first use in the 1990s, has become more popular over the past decade. Since then, it has been under continuous development with advances in hardware, network and applications. With the various innovative ideas provided in the information technology market, various solutions and innovations have also been coming out front in the mobile computing industry. Countless number of devices has forayed into the market bringing a newer sense of wireless communication and an extra edge.

Mobile computing has become essential part nearly everyone's of daily routine. From the checking of business mails on the go to messaging, paying bills, reading news papers, reading books, visiting social network sites, getting driving directions, chatting, photography and carrying out various kinds of businesses and transactions, it plays a huge role to bring things together even when physically apart. Simply put, the mobile computing, with the use of various high technology gadgets and devices, makes communication easier and the lives of the people more convenient by staying informed and updated with the current goings-on. Mobile technology particularly – Smart phones and tablets powered by cloud technologies is driving productivity improvements and innovation among lawyers. As the companies and individuals have started taking the advantages of the mobile computing platforms, sales and shipments of smart phones crossed record sales in India as revealed by CyberMedia Research. During the first eleven months of 2011, smart phone shipments in India passed the 10 million mark compared to 2.5 million smart phones that were shipped in 2009. The demand for smart phones is also predicted to grow to 30 Million units by 2016.


Law firms are receiving incredible growth in productivity and efficiency due to the implementation of mobile technology based solutions. Below are the some of the advantages of mobile computing:

Bullet Improve business productivity by provide seamless and immediate access to critical data through mobile practice management solution. All the activities including time sheets, expense recording, expense approvals, leave approvals, work in progress review, billing MIS review can be done on the go.
Bullet Improve operational efficiency by reducing paper work, rework and information accuracy
Bullet Increase effectiveness of the lawyers by providing on-the-go access capability to information, documents and reminders for court dates, client meetings etc.,
Bullet Strengthen customer relationships by creating more opportunities to connect, providing information at their fingertips when they need it most.
Bullet Gain competitive advantage by creating differentiation in overall customer interactions. Mobile computing is a key enabling technology for the creation of strategic information systems.

Mobile Applications

The real power of mobile computing becomes apparent when mobile hardware, software, and communications are optimally configured and used to accomplish tasks specific to the law firms.

Although variety of applications exists, mobile computing applications can broadly be classified into two categories general and legal industry specific applications.

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