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Optimize Your Law Firm Operations: Project Management Software for Legal Teams

By PracticeLeague
December, 2020

Modern law firm practice involves multiple functions and multitudinous activities, be it matter and case transactional practice or an advisory role. Ensuring smooth execution of work is as crucial as managing resources. Improvement of task management and managing workflows as per project template works efficiently for most law firms.

Efficient Project management for legal teams, in modern context means implementing technology platforms for project management, for legal team and law firm operations, and streamline end-to-end processes. With the integrated agile framework, Law Firm Project Management software is the most workable and evolved platform that ensures that teams re-prioritize their tasks and regularly review the needs and necessities. The integration of the agile framework allows teams to organize, adapt, and deliver desirable results. Rather than going on a linear path, the scrum under the agile systems ensures completion of the project's entire lifecycle.

To illustrate:

In case of any large transaction, say, a land deal or a merger and acquisition of a company, the project involves many team-members and collaboration between teams, external counsels, clients. Managing the workflow process is a task, as there is a possibility of few details falling through the cracks. In such a scenario, the LPM ensures the completion of every step, with collaboration between teams, reminders, notifications, and timely compliances.

The central premise of having technology at work for law firms is to ensure:

Efficient collaboration

Robust billing and budget allocation

Workflow allocation and managing workflow processes

Resource management

With this in the background, we say that technology has become essential and relevant for law firm operations; all the more so, in a hybrid work culture, where collaboration is the key between the teams. Besides this, there are many advantages that one may realize going ahead and as things scale up for future law firm practice.

A Paperless organization, due to the transition from legacy systems to automate processes

Better insights with predictive analytics and cognitive capabilities, thanks to Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning capabilities

Control, collaboration, and communicationthe three ‘C’ which organizations embrace in their way of working.

Whether it is about efficient management of matter and case or when it comes to transactional matters, project management platform ensures legal counsels to plan, collaborate, communicate and execute the projects seamlessly.

Coming to the function-specific

For any law firm that focuses on litigation, transactional practice or advisory role, the key takeaway from technology integration has been to operate efficiently in any given circumstance, adapting quickly to the unexpected (such as a remote working) and staying focused even in the face of extreme work pressure. LPM has re-defined the functioning of the law firm operations by simply streamlining daily activities, and staying focused. Technology has played a transformative role in several areas of practice under the Agile umbrella.

Litigation management

Litigation and cases before courts of various hierarchy, tribunals or fora is also about active collaboration with teams and external counsels, insights regarding the outcome of the case with analytics and big data. The LPM is embedded with features powered with AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) capabilities for better insights and case prediction.

Knowledge management

As a repository of all reference for lawyers, the Knowledge management platform is a quintessential part of the law firm practice. Be it any communication, or bookkeeping, an email, case-related information, case laws and case studies, the knowledge management platform enables co-ordination between teams while visiting courts as well as in client dealings so far as access to information is concerned. As an easy storage or access platform, the LPM ensures retrieval of information at the click of a button. This makes it all the more relevant for legal research and gathering the right information for case management.

Transactional practice

Complex matters such as mergers and acquisition, land matters, involves myriad steps and compliances, under the watchful eyes of the senior attorneys and paralegals working on the projects. Under the agile umbrella, the lifecycle of the projects is seamless, continual and complete until closure. Legal Practice Management platform is all about application of technology for decoding the complex structure of transaction practice in legal firms creatively and imaginatively. This prevents chances of human errors and ergo during the process of legal transactions.

Document management

Legal Documentation including contracts, agreements, case papers, sophisticated records of matters or case related information of people, criminals, can be stored by scanning into the computer by coding systems. Such documents pertaining to correspondence, pleadings, court documents may be organized, categorized by taxonomy for easy storage, access and retrieval. Automated document management system allows users to access, edit and store documents created by the law office with the help of standardized clauses and keyword search.

RazorLex is an integrated law practice management software that is designed to streamline the law firm operations and bridge the gap between operational and administrative inefficiencies. With the brick-and mortar organization making a smooth transition into a paperless law firm, the relevance of pen and paper is reduced to bare minimum. Besides, project cost management is kept under control and managing in-house counsel and client onboarding is seamless. Deriving the overall benefits for legal practitioner is building competitive edge, ensuring smooth law firm workflow and also providing value to clients.

“PracticeLeague offers a unified and an integrated modern legal technology ecosystem that automates and streamlines the complete legal operations. Adopted by several legal departments across the globe, this secure Enterprise Legal Management is designed to enable seamless collaboration across business entities, stakeholders & technology systems to boost efficiency, visibility & control.”

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