Matter management through spreadsheet

3 Reasons Why Managing Matters in Spreadsheets Hurts Your Bottom Line

by PracticeLeague

Excel spreadsheets have been used as a way to maintain and store all the necessary information in the department and keep a record of it. While this has been a practice traditionally used by lawyers, legal departments now have a more robust system to take care of their needs – a Matter Management Software.

If you are still using spreadsheets to manage matters, then here’s why it may be hurting you bottom line.

Lack of collaboration

It is never the case that one single lawyer is maintaining and using the information in the spreadsheets. Handling matters is a collaborative effort and when multiple lawyers need to access that information, spreadsheets need to be emailed or shared. There is no proper understanding of who is doing what or if any lawyer has made changes and additions, leading to chaos.

Moreover, over a period of time, spreadsheets tend to become slower and old data needs to be replaced with new updates leading to break in trail.

Time consuming

Creating and maintaining spreadsheets is time consuming because each entry needs to be filled in manually, and it takes time to create tables, charts, and comparison scales when working in Excel. These administrative tasks reduce the time lawyers are spending on actually handling the matter.

Most importantly, spreadsheets serve the sole purpose of data management. Also, you have to use multiple spreadsheets to track multiple data sets e.g. case updates are managed in one sheet, whereas, spending is tracked in another. Then there are other activities and lawyers tend to rely on different applications to schedule reminders, manage tasks, store case related documents

Zero insight

While spreadsheets can store a lot of information, finding particular spreadsheets and certain information when you need it immediately can be difficult. Without advanced search options, searching for contact information, details about the matter and different progress statuses is a time consuming process.

PracticeLeague offers a Case Management Software India that can take care of the complete needs of any legal department. It provides a secure and safe way to store all the important information for lawyers, and they can assess it in seconds while also having more insight and understanding of their matters.

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