reduce time taken to send invoices

Reduce Time Taken to Send Invoices

by PracticeLeague

Lawyers need to bill clients and send invoices on a periodic basis and this is a big part of their job. But doing these tasks manually is difficult, as this is a time consuming activity and prone to human errors. Instead, using a Practice Management Software to automate your billing and invoicing can make this task much simpler, quicker and accurate.

Time/Activity Recording

A time tracking feature helps in keeping track of the worked, billable and non-billable hours and helps Partners in accurately estimating the hours, expenses and final billable amount along with a complete trail of activities for transparency. This ensures quick and on time billing of invoices and saves hours of manual efforts.

Electronic Invoices

Auto-invoicing collates all activities, timesheets and expenses of various lawyers for a particular matter and presents them in draft invoice format on pre-defined dates for review. Optionally, invoices can also be automatically submitted to the client in a timely fashion so as to not delay the invoicing process.

Multiple Billing Options

The invoicing feature in the Practice Management Software helps in seamless billing with several pre-configured billing structures that include Retainership, Hourly, Activity Based, Resource/Designation specific and Blended models.

Lawyers will be able to retrieve the final invoices in one click and can even set billing guidelines during matter creation including arrangement, billing frequency, currency and special billing instructions that helps in reducing the time taken to manually send invoices.

PracticeLeague offers a great Practice Management Software that can help lawyers create, send and track their invoices with ease.

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