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Senior member of your firm resigns: How to retain their knowledge garnered in your firm?

by PracticeLeague

Senior members are an integral part of any law firm due to the plethora of knowledge they bring with them in handling matters. With over a couple of years of practicing with a firm, lawyers can learn some really good tactics and practices for managing matters, advising clients and resolving disputes.

But when it is time for these senior lawyers to finally bid goodbye to the firm, how do you retain the knowledge they garnered at the firm and share it with other lawyers?

Having expertise in select practice areas and knowing the right tactics is a great way to handle mattes in a law firm. This experience can be gained by working through the years or learnt from someone else. The best way to make sure you will always have access to it is by using a Practice Management Software that can help in retaining all the information, files and experiences of different cases that can be shared between everyone in the firm.

This allows for others to learn from these practices and use them for their own matters. This also provides a platform to all the lawyers where they can share their best practices, opinions, articles and other means of knowledge so that it can be passed on to others real-time.

So if a person leaves the organization, then the firm does not need to worry as it already has other people who have learned from that knowledge. Also, there are files documenting their work, strategies, opinions, best practices, etc. for later retrieval and use.

Looking for a Practice Management Software? PracticeLeague offers a robust solution that allows you to retain all the information garnered in your firm, and then retain to use it at ant point.

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