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We spend time comparing features of a software, but what about its technology?

by PracticeLeague

Organize data

Traditional lawyers are still warming up to the idea of using a software to help take care of the various functions within a law firm like, client or matter management, practice areas/specialization, billing and finance, etc. While features are extremely important, the significance of technology cannot be overlooked.

It is important to understand the back-end and compatibility of your software to ensure there are no bumps along the way.

Choose your weapon

First, decide if you will use your software mostly on a computer, laptop, tablet, phone or all of them. Also, will it be a Windows, Android or Apple device?

Make sure your chosen software will work on all these systems and various browsers. You should have unlimited and unrestricted access to your software so you can access it from your office, home, airport, et al. Which brings us to our next point. Cloud.

Invest in a cloud-based software

A cloud-based software provides a platform for lawyers to have their important client or matter information at hand at any given time. This software can be accessed over the Internet using a smartphone, tablet or laptop, and they aren’t stuck on a computer back at office, allowing portability of work.

With the fast paced lives that lawyers live, having something so flexible will allow them to manage their work better and have all the information they need whenever they need it.


A legal Practice Management Software provides an all-encompassing platform that integrates law firm’s all processes and creates a more streamlined way to handle the matter and every day work.

You can manage and store almost every aspect of you firm, including clients, matters, documents, calendar, notes, invoices, receivables, resources, reports, etc.

Hence, it is paramount that your software provides nothing short of bank-grade security. Ask your software provider to share the details of their security measure just to be sure.

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