Lawyers productivity tracker

Track Productivity of Your Lawyers

by PracticeLeague

Legal software has greatly helped lawyers in managing their matters efficiently and increasing their productivity. Tracking the productivity of your lawyers can help in providing vital information about how the lawyers are handling their matters and if their time can be put to better use.

Time and activity tracking

The time and activity tracking feature in a Practice Management Software can help you in keeping a track of the time a lawyer spends on his or her activities. This allows lawyers to automatically record billable hours as opposed to writing them down manually which is error prone.

Having an account of time and billing, can help the firm determine the hours lawyers have worked on a matter and how productive they have been thus far. Such a Law Office Management Software can also track the hours spent on non billable activities.

Task assignment and management

A Law Practice Management Software may also come with a task assignment and management module along with a dashboard that provides the firm with a bird’s eye view of all the matters, tasks, and activities going on in the firm by each lawyer.

Assigning and managing tasks is much easier as the Lawyer Software allows you to track progress of all allotted responsibilities, make deadlines, automated reminders and get notifications for all tasks that have been completed.

A Law Office Management Software can help in many areas in the law firm, and ensure the smooth running and efficient productivity of lawyers. If your law firm in looking for a Law Practice Management Software, then PracticeLeague’s software provides some great features.

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