Types of Legal Software for Lawyers in India

What Different Types Of Software Are Available For Lawyers?

by PracticeLeague

The legal industry has grown tremendously, especially when it comes to technology.

Here are some of the top software available for lawyers globally.

Time & Billing Software

Keeping track of time and then billing clients for that time worked, is an integral part of any lawyer’s job. But the time it takes to accomplish this task is very long and also error-prone. A Time & Billing Software can help in managing client matters, timesheets, out of pocket expenses, billing, receivables, reports, and MIS, without the lawyer having to collate these expenses manually.

Document Management Solution

The legal industry deals with various documents and contracts, and is very document--centric. These also contain confidential information and so need to be kept securely, but using traditional methods like storing them in a locked filing cabinet isn't the best solution.

On the other hand, a Document Management Solution can help lawyers in securely organizing, storing, accessing, and sharing all documents including confidential files using a secure and simple to use platform. The documents can be stored on the Cloud and can be accessed from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet, allowing you to have them with you whenever you need it.

CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management is a necessity for all businesses, and the legal industry is no exception. For lawyers to turn profits, they need to keep track of their customers and engage them to maintain long-term relationships. They also have to keep track of new leads and prospects and ensure a way to track new inquiries, the lifecycle of a client, and such, which are all available in a CRM Software.

A CRM software also helps the communication process between the customer and lawyer much easier and has options to track client activity, as well as send bulk e-mails for newsletters, invitations, etc.

Knowledge Management Software

Knowledge Management Software can help lawyers in organizing, publishing, and sharing important documents including opinions, transaction files, judgments, etc. In a time where customers want value and efficiency, this works as a fundamental approach to lessening cost while maintaining quality.

Finance & Accounting Software

Keeping track of accounts is important in any firm, but it isn’t the easiest job to handle. A Finance & Accounting Software can make this much simpler by providing financial tools and features that will help lawyers in tracking and managing books of accounts, profit & loss, monitor overall financial performance, etc.

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