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What is a Law Firm CRM?

by PracticeLeague

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a necessity for all industries for a wholesome and efficient relationship with the customers or clients, this especially important for lawyers considering the diverse client base and limited marketing tools.

CRM is about the customers

Just like the name suggests, a legal CRM is centered on helping your firm get the maximum out of your relations with customers and vice versa. A law firm CRM will not only help you get the maximum insight into your clients, but will also help you communicate with them more efficiently.

And not just that, a CRM is also useful for bettering customer experience, and research shows that customers are more likely to stay with a firm or company if they have a good service and open communication.

CRM helps the firm grow

Valued customers who stay on with the firm for long obviously generate profits on a long-term basis. Happy customers are also more likely to refer your firm to friends and peers, which again adds to profits.

It also provides a streamlined way for processes to move smoothly and allows for lawyers to focus on what’s important and automates most of the daily work, providing an easier and more efficient way to go through matters.

CRM works with business needs

CRM is like a customer centric business strategy that helps the business grow. It integrates marketing, sales and all the other functions required, and provides a central repository for all the information to be stored in and accessed with ease at any time.

PracticeLeague’s law firm CRM has been built with these principles in mind and caters to the needs of law firms.

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