6 Ways Of Streamlining Legal Client-Intake Process With RazorLex

The value of law firm intake procedures

The legal client intake process is one of the most critical aspects for any law firm. This process just isn’t for organizing the internal set-up of the firms, but also about building trust in your client about their choice of lawyer.

The initial rapport building

When we talk about the legal client intake process, it becomes even more crucial. It creates the first impression of the client and the lawyer alike. The process of client intake needs to go beyond just form filling, it is a stage where the law firm can spot upcoming conflicts, can assimilate the client’s mindset and take the first step towards providing seamless client service.

What is legal client-intake process

The legal client intake process is one of the most critical aspects for any law firm. This process just isn’t for organizing the internal set-up of the firms, but also about building trust in your client about their choice of lawyer.

When we talk about any process, the essential element becomes a step-by-step plan that can be easy or the firm and the client to follow. Once a client is through this, fixing a goal for work becomes a piece of cake.

Creating a customer journey map
Journey maps are the easiest and the hardest part. Why? Because this is where it can either go fantastically right or drastically wrong. How? Creating a funnel for the client intake process is a tricky affair; it can be as simple as you make and as complex as you wish.

Do you then need to ask for other information like do you need a separate intake process based on different categories? Would there be separate categories of forms? so and so forth.

Pro Tip: We suggest you chart a single intake process with the help of automation tools like a legal CRM system, document automation tool, document automation and e-signature solution, etc

Best practices for law firms

A messy intake process can be an instant turn-off and has a high potential of clients dropping off. “Your client-intake process is not just a system that you make your clients go through, it displays the company’s culture”

We bring you the 6 best tips to help streamline the entire legal client-intake process.

  • The most effective method to capture paperless intake

Creating a paperless trail from the first interaction till the actual onboarding is a practice that all law firms should adopt. The more digital you become, the easier it is for you to maintain and manage client information and data.
Let your clients experience the digital age by making digital forms readily available that they can even remotely fill from anywhere. This form is the initial driver of the entire intake process. It should ideally cover essential information like case type, date, place and other details related to the case, so on and so forth.

Tools like law practice management software are your best choice in this case.

  • Best practices for lead acquisition and nurturing

Not contacting your leads after the initial contact is like ghosting someone after a conversation. Thus, it is important to follow up on leads, even if they turn cold. Now there are 2 ways to do this.
First, you can try to acquire these leads using a direct sales pitch where you tell them about your services and how they will benefit from it, after your initial contact.
Second, you can push out nurturing content to these prospects. Sharing your knowledge base with them is the best way to show your authority in the field, as well as add value to their thoughts.

  • Automate business intake tasks

As we discussed above, you need to understand and decide if you require a different set of intake processes for different categories of clients. For example, you may have civil and criminal cases, you may also be dealing with different types of cases under civil and criminal as well. You need to decide if you need a different process for each of them.

  • Client intake to case conversion

Your entire firm has to work in close collaboration to onboard a client successfully. Everything starting from the initial information to client billing should be available at a single request. Using a single integrated platform like RazorLex helps you in streamlining these operations and also set security and approval levels. We understand the need to maintain confidential information, with RazorLex you can set clearance and approval levels so only the necessary people will have access to client information.

  • Integrate actionable insights into practice

If you use a tool to streamline your intake process, then you can get a complete overview of how many clients you intake, and how many actually onboard. This helps in understanding and identifying the loopholes in the intake process and also rectifying them. With automated legal management software, you can also generate reports, have a dashboard, and so on.

  • Track campaigns and ROI

You do not get client leads without spending on marketing. With automated tools, you can track your spending on these campaigns and check your return on investment.

Frequently Asked Questions By Customers

  • What are client intake forms?

These are forms that all law firms ask a prospective client to fill out for the initial purpose of gathering information about the client and the case.

  • When should a client intake form be mentioned to the client?

The client has to be informed about the intake form immediately after the first interaction.

  • What are the contents of a client requirement?

The content usually includes basic information like name, address, type of case, details of events, any documents relating to the case, and so on.

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