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General FAQs

RazorLex is a law practice management platform for streamlining various operational functions of a law firm. This includes centralizing and streamlining data, processes, and documents.

Salient features of RazorLex comprises of integrated billing, auto-court updates with cause list, time-tracking, writing off hours, capturing out-pocket expenses, managing tasks and projects, leave management, executing appraisal process, centrally store and manage documents.

RazorLex helps a law firm to centralize all data and documents, thereby improving visibility and accessibility. RazorLex also helps in better collaboration within the firm and with your clients.

RazorLex is suitable for firms of all sizes, ranging from a sole practitioner to a very large firm with multiple office locations.

RazorLex is hosted on Microsoft Azure’s cloud data center. All data is stored in the system in encrypted format to ensure security. Moreover, the platform itself is tested for all security measures such as VAPT, SOC-II, GDPR

Every module of RazorLex is priced differently. It also depends on the number of users who will be using the system. Please reach out to the sales team for a formal quote

RazorLex provides standard support through email, phone and online support portal. To know more about other support plans, please reach out to the support team or write to Training is provided through online and in-person mode. Please contact the sales team to know more about the training details. Additionally, all subscribers are provided with a user manual and admin manual to operate the system.

Existing data is migrated using prescribed excel format. The data migration is done in bulk during implementation process by RazorLex implementation team.

Yes, RazorLex can be accessed from anywhere. All you need is a decent internet connection.

RazorLex time & billing system has a native mobile application for Android and iOS platform. It can be downloaded from the respective stores.

RazorLex can be integrated with other systems and tools. All integrations have to undergo a functional and technical scoping. Please reach out to sales team for further details.

Yes, RazorLex has a client portal. Please reach out to sales team for further details.

Time and Billing

Yes, RazorLex has a comprehensive time tracking system that will help law firms to seamlessly record their billable activities.

Lawyers can capture their billable activities on the go using the mobile app of RazorLex Time & Billing system.

Time sheet can be captured by going inside a Matter. Alternately, lawyers can capture timesheets in bulk through the Activities section of the system. Mobile app can be the third method for capturing timesheets.

Yes, you can set policies for effective time-tracking. Policies such as restricting back-dated time entries and locking system in absence of timesheets can be defined in the system through the admin panel

Yes the billing section is integrated with time tracking. This will ensure that all billable time-sheet activities automatically show up at the time of invoice/bill generation.

Yes, through outstanding report generated from the report section.

Yes, the system has facility to capture payment receipts against each invoice.

Yes, there is a facility to generate bulk invoicing and capture bulk receipts. If you are an existing client and want clarity on that, please reach out to support team. If you are a prospective client, please contact sales team for detailed explanation and presentation.

Yes, there is a facility to generate bulk invoicing and capture bulk receipts. If you are an existing client and want clarity on that, please reach out to support team. If you are a prospective client, please contact sales team for detailed explanation and presentation.

Yes, RazorLex can accomodate different fee arrangements such as:

  • ProBono
  • Lumpsum/Flat fees
  • Retainer
  • Hourly blended
  • Activity based
  • Designation wise
  • Retainer + hourly
  • Resource specific

Matter & Case Management

Case management helps in managing your cases and for litigation lawyers it also helps in tracking court updates on cases filed in various courts

Yes, RazorLex case management system fetches updates from court websites. Along with case updates, it will also fetch order copies with periodic hearing updates as per the hearing dates

Yes, RazorLex provides cause lists, which can be searched on the platform and can be received via email as well.

Status updates can be shared with clients either via email or through client portal.

RazorLex has a system to trigger alerts based on next dates. Next dates can be captured manually, and it can also be fetched through the court updates.

Yes, RazorLex can be integrated with Outlook and Google calendars.

Project Management

Law firms, who engage in projects that have multiple tasks, milestones, resources require a project management system. Project management system helps Partners to keep a track of the progress of various tasks, milestones and the status of overall project.

RazorLex project management system comes with important features such as:

  • Creation of project using templates
  • Defining tasks
  • Allocating resources on various tasks
  • Capturing estimated cost and efforts
  • Monitoring actual effort and subsequent cost
  • Tracking resource workload and matter/project profitability

Yes, law firms can raise bills on the projects. This is achieved by integrating the project management system with the time & billing system. The time and billing system has the centralized billing section for raising bills on all matters/projects.

Success of implementation of project managment can be measured by ensuring the following things are put into practice:

  • Regular update of tasks and capturing time-sheet for those tasks
  • Constant monitoring of the estimated vs actual efforts and cost
This will ensure that the Partners are on top of resource productivity and efficiency, thereby facilitating transparency in client communication. This final output will give an assurance of effective implementation of project

RazorLex project management system can be integrated with Office 365 productivity tools such as MS Teams and MS Outlook. It can also be integrated with Time & Billing system

Human Resource Management System

Law firms need HRM systems to have visibility on the performance metrics and goals defined for each employee. HRMS also helps to centralize all employee records for ease of access.

RazorLex human resource management system has the following salient features:

  • Employee record keeping
  • Employee profile management
  • Leave management
  • Goal setting & executing performance appraisal process
  • Job application creation and tracking
  • Attendance tracking
  • MIS Report and dashboard

RazorLex HRM system can be integrated with biometric system for attendance monitoring. RazorLex provides API, which the biometric solution provider can consume and push attendance data into the module.

Yes, the system has the functionality to configure appraisal workflows. Firms can configure their appraisal form with customized rating parameters, rating questions, and goals. The system allows for a 360-degree appraisal process with self-appraisal, review by appraiser, and HR review.

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