Law Firm Management Software & Solution

Practiceleague Razorlex offers a unique, automated & integrated Law practice & ecosystem, with a range of modules to choose from -

  •   Centralised Clients, Matters & Projects Management
  •   Resource, Time and Billing Capabilities
  •   With complete Document Automation & Management

Transform your law firm, streamline your workflows, manage your clients, optimise your costs & realise savings, get easy access from cloud, gain better collaboration, and become future-ready!

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Our Clients

RazorLex Client Dhruva
RazorLex Client Dua Associates
RazorLex Client Economic Laws Practice
RazorLex Client Eternity Legal
RazorLex Client Hemant Sahai Associates
RazorLex Client Indus Law
RazorLex Client satiesfied clinet
Best Customer Satisfaction Software In 2022
RazorLex Client Indus Law
RazorLex Client Indus Law
RazorLex Client Indus Law
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RazorLex Client Aks-Legal
RazorLex Client Anand-&-Anand
RazorLex Client  Chambers of Urmila Boolell SC
RazorLex Client Begur & Partners
RazorLex Client Bharucha and Partners
RazorLex Client Bose & Mitra
RazorLex Client Poovayya2


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