Law Firm Project and Task Management Software

An agile platform to manage and track each assignment, stage, milestone, task and reminder across your resources and matters. Get complete visibility of the matter's profitability lives on the dashboard

Value to Law Firm

Enhanced productivity and efficiency

Improved collaboration

Better resource allocation, planning and budgeting

All The Features You Need

Integrated Cost Calculator

Streamline cost calculations with an integrated calculator for efficient operations

Matter Profitability

Assess matter profitability efficiently for informed decision-making

Resource Workload

Monitor resource workload effectively for optimal task allocation

Project Templates

Utilize project templates for streamlined task management and efficiency

Task Management

Efficiently handle tasks for streamlined workflow and productivity

Milestone Tracking

Track milestones effectively for project progress and goal achievement

Seamless Collaboration
Simplified Compliance

RazorLex offers an intuitive solution across all devices for easy collaboration providing real-time notifications, alerts, and reminders on all your devices. Our agile platform enhances team efficiency and standardizes legal processes, increasing visibility across functions to mitigate risks and ensure compliance. Acting as a centralized repository, our scalable platform facilitates streamlined engagement for the entire team.

contract management

Real-time alerts

contract workflow

Easy access

Contract Negotiation

User-friendly features

Contract Negotiation

24/7 system monitoring

Contract E-signatures

Daily automatic backup

Contract Repository

Data center

Contract Mgmt Solutions

Cloud and on-premise model

Contract Tracking

256-bit Layer (SSL) encryption

Customer Delight

We've rounded up the top quotes about customer satisfaction to start you on your journey.

“Ease of use - ability to churn out reports as per one's parameters - control over data.”

“Good software and implementation team is very supportive.”

“The software is very good for law firms. Simple to use,Easy to implement”

“Easy to use All necessary details can be stored in a single software.”

“Simple interface. Provide detailed reports. And Good support team at RazorLex”

“The law practice management software is easy to use, it has comprehensive guides and the software is really intuitive.”

"Effective easy to use law practice management system"

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